New Zealand’s Information Network has compiled four sample itineraries to assist you with your travel plans. These itineraries will normally take between 5 – 10 days to complete. We have arranged them in geographical order from North to South and have outlined the most interesting and enjoyable destinations and activities.

New Zealand is famous for its uncrowded roads, diverse landscapes and magnificent scenery. We are a relatively small multicultural country of 4 million people specialising in farming, agriculture and tourism.

The North Island has two thirds of the population and offers golden sand beaches, dense rainforests, active volcanoes and fascinating thermal areas. The South Island has breathtaking alpine scenery, glaciers, fiords, famous historic buildings, outstanding cool climate vineyards and the world’s greatest adrenalin adventure playground.

The much smaller Stewart Island has abundant wildlife as well as tramping, diving and fishing opportunities. Temperatures range from the sub-tropical warmth of Northland to the cool climates of Southland and Otago.

Kiwi outdoor activities are legendary and range from extreme sports like white water rafting and bungy jumping to more sedate pursuits such as punting on the gentle Avon River in Christchurch. We have fine Pacific cuisine and world-class local wines, a lively nightclub, bar and café scene and a strong emphasis on the performing arts. Whatever your interests are, New Zealand will have something to satisfy and challenge you.

We trust these itineraries will help you to make the most of your time on the highways and byways of New Zealand. New Zealand’s Information Network wishes you a safe and happy holiday.

New Zealand Driving Guide

A New Zealand, Australian or International driving licence is required to hire rental vehicles. Most of our roads are single-lane, but you will find multi-lane motorways leading into the main cities. We drive on the left-hand side of the road and do not overtake where a continuous yellow line occurs to the left of the centreline. The maximum speed limit for the open road is 100kph (60mph) and for towns and urban areas 50kph (30mph). Fuel prices vary from around NZ $1.80 per litre upwards. Be sure to obtain a copy of the New Zealand Road Code.

We recommend automatic transmission vehicles for those travellers unfamiliar with New Zealand conditions. All vehicle occupants must wear seatbelts and infants and young children need special child restraints. Traffic police are particularly vigilant in respect to speeding and drink driving and carry out regular roadside breath testing.

Touring Guide: Itinerary, Driving Tips & Advice

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    South Island – South

    Christchurch is the main gateway to the South Island and the stepping off point for exploring the South. The following all-embracing tour of Southland, Otago and the West Coast encompasses most of the important tourist destinations en route.

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    South Island – North

    Christchurch is the main gateway to the South Island and a convenient starting point for a touring circuit of the top half of the island.

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    North Island – South

    The journey from Auckland to Wellington reveals the stunning diversity of landscapes and scenery found in the North Island. Within this compact area you will experience thermal regions, active volcanoes, bush clad mountains, desert regions, tranquil lakes, and dramatic coastlines.

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    North Island – North

    Welcome to Auckland, an exciting and wonderfully diverse city and the major gateway to New Zealand. Auckland offers loads of activities, attractions, shopping, fine food and wines in a unique natural setting.

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    New Zealand Road Code

    International visitors to New Zealand enjoy nothing more then hiring a rental car and driving around the country. Not only is this an affordable and fun way to see the country, it also means you can plan a trip that suits your interests, timeframe and budget.

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    Touring Guide

    New Zealand's Information Network has compiled four sample itineraries to assist you with your travel plans. These itineraries will normally take between 5 - 10 days to complete.