Places to Eat

Places to Eat

Dining out in Dunedin is truly a gastronomically delightful experience thanks to the many Dunedin restaurants and cafes that have won awards and national recognition for exceptional food.

There is a huge range of eateries in the Otago area offering an extensive range of menus to suit your taste buds and wallet, including Contemporary New Zealand Cuisine, Italian, Japanese, Turkish and Thai food to name just a few.

Dunedin enjoys the best of New Zealand fresh produce, being close to the sea and also the lush agricultural hinterland means you can dine on the best and freshest quality local produce, including lamb, fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean, venison or beef, all complimented with the best of Otago and New Zealand wines.

Start your Otago morning with a hearty cooked breakfast or perhaps hot fluffy pancakes, homemade muffins or a New Zealand fruit salad with hot creamy porridge, finished with a fresh fruit juice or fabulous espresso coffee from the range of breakfast cafes and restaurants open from early till late.

The cafe scene in Dunedin city is alive and vibrant with cafes flowing out onto the pavement in the Octagon and more small cafes along George and Princes Streets. From vegetarian to hot beef sandwiches, a delicious snack or a filling meal, there are plenty of cafes to choose from, including licensed premises that allow you to have a fine wine with your latte!

Daytime dining can be quick, cheap, 5 course, intimate, expensive, healthy, decadent or unique – you choose, from hearty brunches and strong coffee in one of the many cafes, to organic meals, deli foods, fast foods such as KFC and McDonalds, to ethnic restaurants, sushi, family dining, pub meals, fine dining and food courts, the list is endless.

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Evening dining can be as cheap or opulent as desired. Restaurants such as the Bacchus Wine Bar and Restaurant offer dining within a historic building combined with an imaginative and contemporary menu complimented with an extensive selection of New Zealand and imported wines – perfect for that special night out. Another place with a touch of difference is The Customhouse located on Dunedin’s waterfront and gateway to Otago Peninsula. Located in the historic Customs Building, enjoy outdoor seating with impressive water views and enjoy fresh salmon caught right there!

More relaxed dining can be enjoyed at popular favourites such as Lone Star Dunedin or The Ale House Bar & Restaurant.

Dunedin diners have a great choice when it comes to evening meals and whatever your choice, seafood, New Zealand cuisine, Thai, Indian, Italian, wineries, Lebanese, Chinese, Korean, American style, contemporary, family friendly, bar and grill, vegetarian, gluten free or special occasion, the list goes on… and you can find it all here in Dunedin city!

For those on a tight budget or strapped for time, there are plenty of tasty fast-food restaurants and takeaways, including KFC, McDonalds, good old fashioned New Zealand fish and chips, hamburgers, pizza, souvlaki, etc.

Summer ocean-side alfresco dining or hearty meals beside the roaring fire during winter; Dunedin diners are spoilt for choice all day, all night, every day and every night!

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