West Coast

The wild and wonderful West Coast of the South Island. Highlighted a number of “must see” attractions to assist you in planning a great holiday in this fascinating part of the country.


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Visiting the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island is always a unique experience filled with many wonders. On this occasion we stayed in the small community of Charleston. Charleston was founded during a major gold rush in 1867 and the remains of around 99 hotels have recently been discovered.

Jet-boat Safaris

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Slide into your seat, buckle yourself in, grip the handrail and wait for the adrenalin to flow. Later when the driver says ‘Hold on" respond quickly before he executes a white-knuckle jet-spin. These simple instructions are all you require to enjoy a uniquely New Zealand experience - jet-boating on the wild West Coast rivers.

Glacier Walking

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Take a hike on a massive river of ice sliding inexorably down the precipitous slopes of the Southern Alps. Glacier walking is one of New Zealand’s top attractions. Experienced guides can lead you into an alien world of blue-tinged ice caves, seracs and pinnacles on the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers on the South Island’s West Coast.

Okarito Lagoon

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Be sure to visit New Zealand’s only white heron (kotuku) nesting colony. It’s a neat experience observing these magnificent birds, which are supremely graceful and elegant in all their movements. The colony of 150 white herons, royal spoonbills and little shags is found in the Waitangiroto Nature Reserve.


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Virtually every rock-bound riverbed yields secrets of heritage gold diggings. Fossick in the loose gravels of any tumbling mountain stream on the Coast and you have a good prospect of winning a small ‘colour’. Visitors to the West Coast can have a personal experience of the 1860’s gold rush days at Shantytown.


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Freefalling at terminal velocity from a massive 19,500 feet over West Coast Glacier Country makes you feel alive in a spine-tingling, hair-raising sort of way. This is tandem skydiving at its heart thumping best. An adrenalin buzz with the added bonus of breathtaking views of the Southern Alps.

Oparara Cave

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Hidden deep in the silent grottos of Oparara’s Honeycomb Caves are spellbinding limestone sculptures and slender skeletons of extinct creatures like the moa and giant eagle. But there’s still life in the darkest recesses of this alien world. A glow worm galaxy shimmers on the ceiling of the cave.