Auckland is the main gateway to New Zealand and our largest city. It actually embraces four cities and three districts in one vast urban sprawl. The cities are Auckland, North Shore, Manukau and Waitakere and the districts are Rodney, Papakura and Franklin.

Things to Do

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The City of Sails is also a city of parks, gardens, walkways, bush reserves, museums, markets, wineries, adventure activities, beaches and islands. Auckland’s spectacular scenery and varied landscape from volcanoes to rainforest, is matched by its huge diversity of things to do.


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As the major New Zealand gateway Auckland receives some 70% of our 2 million international visitors each year. Auckland International Airport is 20km from the city centre. Domestic airlines operate from here to all main cities and towns through two domestic terminals (Air New Zealand and Qantas)

Rodney District

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North of Auckland there is a wonderful playground of rolling green pastures, attractive beaches and peaceful rural retreats. Rodney District embraces a fascinating variety of landscapes from the wild west coast surf beaches flanking the Kaipara Harbour to the golden sand beaches of the Hibiscus and Kowhai Coasts.

Waitakere City

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This clean, green, bush-fringed city lies due west of Auckland, nestled in the enveloping folds of the Waitakere Ranges. It's citizens know nothing of grid patterned streets in high-density conurbations. They enjoy a lifestyle that offers the best of both worlds - access to the facilities of metropolitan Auckland.

Manukau City

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Kia Ora, welcome to Manukau, the vibrant, diverse and unique regional hub south of Auckland city. This rapidly expanding multicultural city calls itself ‘The Face of the Future’ celebrating youth and vitality and the 55 ethnic groups that call Manukau home. The city centre is very close to Auckland International Airport.