Bungy Jumping

::Bungy Jumping

The world’s great outdoor adventure playground, New Zealand – otherwise known as ‘Bungyland’. The New Zealand Information Network has prepared this guide for travellers and adventure seekers to help in locating our awesome bungy jump sites.

The Ledge Bungy

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The Queenstown Ledge Bungy offers a number of unique choices as well. You can choose a body harness or an ankle tie, jump off either the mild or the wild side of the platform, take a running jump or a sedate swan dive, or even a reverse somersault. You get to choose the method that suits your personality, and gives you the maximum rush.

Thrillseeker’s Canyon

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Thrillseeker’s Canyon Bungy at the Waiau River Bridge near Hanmer Springs is an ideal location for first time jumpers. At 35 metres it is the lowest New Zealand bungy site, so the free fall sensation lasts just a few seconds. By contrast the Nevis bungy (Queenstown) at 134 metres seems like a never-ending fall.

Sky Tower Sky Jump

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The Auckland Sky Tower Sky Jump is different from bungy jumping. It is a cable-controlled base jump, where participants can choose to go down feet first or glide down head first like Superman. You wear a special suit with a full body harness attached to a wire cable and a descender unit. As you fall the cable drum feeds out wire behind you at a controlled speed.