Ski Areas & Heli-Ski Sites

::Ski Areas & Heli-Ski Sites

New Zealand Ski Areas offer stunning scenery, exhilarating dry powder runs, snowboard terrain parks and pumping apres ski action. Full descriptions of New Zealand’s ski areas and heli-ski locations


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The symmetrical volcanic cone of Mt Taranaki (also called Mt Egmont) rises dramatically above the plain, thrusting up its snow-capped peak as a beacon to snow lovers. Manganui ski field sprawls over the eastern flanks of this silent sentinel, offering the sort of spine-tingling volcanic-slope skiing that pushes the pulse rate to the max.


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One of New Zealand’s most challenging club fields has achieved cult status among our advanced skiers due to its steepness, deepness and cheapness. This field is uniquely devoid of any slopes that would form a comfort zone for the novice skier. Craigieburn Valley ski field nestles under the steep face of a prominent mountain in the Craigieburn Range called Hamilton Peak.

Mt Lyford

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North Canterbury boasts a beautiful resort that promotes itself as New Zealand’s sunniest snow park, where the atmosphere is charged with the excitement of winter fun. Mt Lyford also has the distinction of being one of New Zealand’s first true alpine developments. Below the ski field is a picturesque village of log chalets, which includes a subdivision known as Mt Lyford Wilderness Retreat.

Hanmer Springs

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Set within one of New Zealand’s favourite holiday resorts is a small club field that has much more to offer than just a wonderful day’s skiing. Hanmer Springs ski field is only a 40 minute drive by car or shuttle bus from the Hanmer Springs Thermal Resort, New Zealand’s best alpine spa, and one of the South Islands main tourist attractions.

Ski Areas & Heli-Ski Sites

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New Zealand’s clear blue skies, lofty mountains and dazzling snow slopes guarantee its popularity as a skiing and snowboarding destination. The New Zealand Information Network has compiled this guide to New Zealand ski fields and heli-ski areas, to enable visitors to plan their winter travel itineraries.

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