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This guide to New Zealand Forest Parks has been compiled by the New Zealand Information Network to assist outdoor enthusiasts. New Zealand’s 20 Forest Parks preserve much of the ancient beauty and grandeur of our native forests. The parks are administered by the Department of Conservation (DOC), which protects these fragile areas from damage by introduced predators and from further inroads by human activity.


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Step into a primeval world dominated by one thousand-year-old podocarp trees, which is recognised as one of the finest rainforests in the world. The Pureora is a magnificent forest covering the Rangitoto and Hauhungaroa Ranges, west of Lake Taupo.


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A popular playground and recreational forest park for outdoor enthusiasts can be found just 30 km from Wellington. The Rimutaka Forest Park is the southernmost range of the North Island’s continuous chain of mountains from Wellington to East Cape. The range is relatively low but deceptively rugged.


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Come and explore one of our least-known wilderness areas, hidden away in the southernmost part of the South Island. Here life is unhurried and moves in synch with nature. Catlins Forest Park is well off the beaten track, straddling the border between Otago and Southland. It is found the Southern Scenic Route, 50 km from Invercargill and 100 km from Dunedin.


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As you tramp along these sharp-crested, tussock ridges, untracked forests fall away down misty spurs. You feel like you’re on top of the world. The Ruahine Forest Park lies south-west of Napier, running from the steep gorges of the Ngaruroro River, 100 km down a straight spine of rugged ridges to the Manawatu Gorge.


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From Auckland, as you look across the Firth of Thames, you see a dramatic skyline of extinct volcanoes on the Coromandel Range. They’re worth a closer look. The Coromandel Forest Park sprawls over these ancient eroded landforms on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, only 1½ hours drive from the ‘City of Sails’.


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Take a stroll in New Zealand’s oldest established forest park. The Tararua Forest Park provides tramping and hunting opportunities right at the back door of large urban communities. Wellingtonians have adopted the Tararuas as their favourite stamping ground and the country’s first tramping club was formed here in 1919.


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A very prominent snow-capped mountain summit with views forever, towers above the West Coast highway near Porter’s Pass. Mt Enys (2,195 metres), in the Craigieburn Forest Park, has the singular honour of being the highest foothill summit accessible from a major highway in the South Island.


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Picture a family-oriented forest park where every conceivable adventure and recreation activity is conveniently at hand. Hanmer Forest Park has it all, with a unique complementary attraction that few resorts can offer holidaymakers - blissful relaxation in steaming therapeutic hot mineral pools at the end of each day.


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The distinctive Kaimai ridgeline forms a mountain backdrop to the western Bay of Plenty. It brings enjoyable tramping within easy reach of 1.5 million Kiwis and overseas visitors. The Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park stretches 70 km from the Karangahake Gorge in a narrow, precipitous spine of volcanic ridges, down to the broad, flat reaches of the Mamaku Plateau near Rotorua.

Lake Sumner

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The lovely lakes of the Hurunui District are a perfect hideaway for rest, relaxation and easy-going adventure. Spectacular lakes nestle in a high country basin. Here you can indulge yourself in some pleasant activities like walking, bird watching, photography, fishing or hunting. ‘Satisfy your thirst for life’ is what the Hurunui District promotions say.


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Visit the ‘Kauri Coast’ in the ‘Winterless North’ of the North Island and you will be entering the cradle of European civilization in New Zealand. Hokianga and the Bay of Islands are where the first mission stations and colonial settlements were established in the 1830’s.

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