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Gabrielle and Leon Havill

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In the purest form, mead is an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey. The alcoholic volume is normally between 2.5% and 14% generated by the fermentation of honey sugars. Residual honey sugars, range from dry to sweet. Pure mead should not contain any fruit, vegetables, herbs or spices and, as a result no hangovers either!!


Man has been aware of mead for at least 12000 years. There has been a close association between mead and marriage. In pagan times the custom was for the happy couple to drink mead at their wedding and for one moon (or month) afterwards, hence the word honeymoon. Mead was said to aid ones prowess as a lover. If in nine months time a son was born, the maker of the mead was congratulated on a very fine brew!! Yes we have had many congratulations: one couple who purchased two bottles were blessed with twins!! They came back and ordered 10 bottles for a friend!!While we make no promises we recommend individual research into this aspect of our very fine drink.

Gabrielle and Leon Havill have been producing authentic mead since 1964. Over a fourteen year period , the original recipe was altered over 850 times before they were satisfied they could produce a commercially acceptable, and unadulterated product. Havill's mead is brewed to mother nature's secret recipe and is at one with nature. It is both organic and natural, using only honey, water, and our own special strain of mead yeast, developed during 32 years of mead production. Havills mead does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or sulphites. All the health giving properties of over 423.5 grams of honey per litre are incorporated in our mead. We believe Havills Meadery to be one of the longest established commercial Meadery's in the world and possibly the only Meadery who's economic survival depends upon producing and selling "Mead" in the purist sense of the word. Our sole source of income for the last twenty years has been from the sale of Honey Mead. To avoid accusations of fraud we do not produce fruit, grape wine, or fermented malt products which could be used to adulterate our product. We produce pure mead and only a few mead variants, these variants are clearly labelled. I have been told in the USA those who understand the word "mead" in its purest sense consider Havills Mead to be a bench mark product. The one by which all others are judged.


Products labelled as Mead, which are clearly not Mead. These imitations will have no more of the historically acclaimed virtues of authentic Mead than honey liquer, fruit, grape wine, or water. In a lot of cases the customer is being asked to pay a premium price for these concoctions. There are many legitimate Mead variants using added fruits, spices, etc. Unfortunately they are being promoted as pure Mead, which they are clearly not. To avoid confusion you should demand that these variants be labelled according to their historic catagory. IN THE INTERESTS OF THE ADVANCEMENT OF SUCCESSFUL AND PROPER MEAD MAKING we may be prepared to act in a consultant capacity. Sharing our accumulated 64 years experience on this subject. We travel nationally and internationally holding seminars and giving papers on the history of Mead, how it has influenced our language, customs, and other interesting facts we have discovered over the years. Contact us regarding this service.


We produce quality products, we have many and varied Mead products with innovative packaging to suit both local and international markets. For genuine commercial customers we are prepared and able to use our experience and expertise to alter sweetness, alcoholic strength etc. ORGANIC AND NATURAL FOOD DISTIBUTORS. METHELGINS, HERBAL MEADS WITH CURATIVE PROPERTIES we produce many Mead based herbal remedies. Using traditional recipes and those produced by our own qualified herbalist. We also brew to order using confidential recipes supplied by our individual customers.We export to Europe , Asia , North America , and Antarctica. We supply an international airline with our products.Customers Include: The food, beverage and hotel industry, organic and natural food distibutors, suppliers to the general public, churches, weddings, medieval fairs, and other specialist groups.


By mail order within New Zealand overseas by special arrangement or contact our master agents.

United States of America

Please contact Dick Fetter at Chez Suze Imports/Gru Distributing in Colorado at (303) 499-1025, Fax (303) 494-5032 or at dickfetter@comcast.net

Fulfullment of orders will be subject to availibility and the legality of shipping to the states involved.


Lukas Zangger, Honig Zangger

Sonnenbergstrasse 38
CH 8725 Gebertingen /sc
Tel 055/284 1959
Fax 055/284 2859


...and welcome enquiries from established and licensed liquor importers and distributors from around the world. Please contact us direct or our master agents should you be travelling to New Zealand you would be most welcome to visit Havill's Meadery. We are only 20 minutes by car from Christchurch International Airport. Phone or fax for directions before you visit. Join the thousands of pilgrims from around the world who over the years have come by car, bus, and on foot seeking self improvement, and rejuvination and enlightenment. The same pilgrims that leave claiming to feel revitalised, spiritually and physically uplifted, youthful and buzzing with a hormonal resurgance. They are elated that they have discovered Mead in the purest sense of the word. They are imbued with the firm belief that they have sampled what they claim to be "the best Mead we have ever tasted, anywhere" And us?... we at Havill's think our Mead is really quite special.

It has been said Mead makes you invincible in war, Irresistable in love.

To you we pledge your health in Mazer of Mead

PLEASE NOTE; To facilitate a prompt reply to your enquire, please supply name, mailing address, Ph/Fx number and any other relevant contact details.

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