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hurunui district


Hurunui District New Zealand

The small rural settlements of Greta Valley, Scargill and Motunau are located just north of the Waipara Valley.

Greta Valley is located approximately halfway between Amberley and Cheviot and is a wonderful place for anyone wanting to 'get away from it all'.

The closeness of surrounding tourism destinations and the chance to explore for fossils make this a terrific family camping spot.

A local walkway offers commanding views of the surrounding countryside.

Near Greta Valley on the coast is the holiday settlement of Motunau Beach. A fun family holiday area, the beach is also a focal point for the local crayfish fishing industry.

Several marine charter operators are based in the area and are available for sea fishing while the beach is a prized hunting ground for fossils, which occur in abundance around the cliff faces in the area.

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