6 September 2014 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm GMT0
Flat White Cafe and Bar
2 Te Kohanga Drive
Pegasus 7691
New Zealand
Danny de Hek
03 313 1652 or 021 961 652
Mountain Biker and Walker +Dogs @ Flat White Cafe and Bar | Pegasus | Canterbury | New Zealand

Never thought these events would have turned out as good as it has, we now have a fantastic group of people of all ages and fitness levels who are building friendships that you dont find everyday and that is what it is all about! So if you are stuck in a life rut and need a little motivation this is your moment to shine.

It’s more than a “Mountain Biking & Walking (+Dogs)” Event we have meetups for breakfast’s, dinner’s and have even had a few pot luck dinners at my place. BTW “Mountain Biking & Walking (+Dogs)” is the same name for our “Facebook Group” feel free to join that as well!

The walkers and riders leave at 10:00am (approximately) we both go our own separate ways and reconnect at 12:00pm at the Flat White Cafe. We may ride down the beach to Pines Beach and back via the forest tracks or we take the river track up to the Ashley River and head back via the forest or beach depending on the tides and after have food and/or coffee with the walkers +Dogs

If you have a dog you can walk them around the Pegasus lake, you will need to pickup after your dog and there is normally bags provided and bins!

I drive a Hyundai Santa Fe (Silver) with Personalised Plates (ELITE6) we gather outsite the Flat White Cafe we are the Humans (some with Dogs) and standing next to the people with Bikes talking ;-) Note we meet on the main road not in the car park.

Come and join us and start meeting new people!