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New Zealand’s Information Network has provided this summary of the main wine growing regions and local vineyard trails as a guide for the visiting wine enthusiast.

Wine Regions

New Zealand's Information Network has provided this summary of the main wine growing regions and local vineyard trails as a…

2 years ago

Central Otago

The majestic golden tussock hills, dramatic river gorges and weird schist rock outcrops of ‘Central’ make it a most memorable…

5 years ago


The wine traveller can indulge in luxury in our fourth largest wine-growing region. Canterbury offers superb lifestyle accommodation, wining and…

5 years ago


One of our newest, rapidly expanding wine growing areas is in a quiet North Canterbury town, an hour’s drive north…

5 years ago


It is no coincidence that New Zealand’s most famous wine region has the largest grape production and the highest sunshine…

5 years ago


Picture this! A sumptuous lunch with local fish delicacies, cheeses, olives and fresh fruit. All in a very popular, stylish…

5 years ago


A town with a laid-back village atmosphere has emerged as the hub of this prestigious wine region. Martinborough launched itself…

5 years ago

Hawkes Bay

Catch the classic New Zealand wine trail safari through this bountiful, sun-drenched region. Hawke’s Bay has over 40 vineyards and…

5 years ago


The title of ‘Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand’ actually belongs to the most easterly wine region in the world.

5 years ago

Waiheke Island

This ‘Island Suburb’ in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf is the perfect place for a combined seaside holiday and wine trail exploration.

5 years ago

Waikato – Bay of Plenty

Explore the lush Waikato land and the broad sweep of country inland from the Bay of Plenty, where a dozen…

5 years ago


For four generations these dedicated pioneer viticulturists tended their vines as the city grew around them slowly engulfing their productive…

5 years ago


The Auckland region is home to New Zealand’s three largest wine producers each having state of the art winemaking equipment…

5 years ago

Rural West Auckland

The western slopes of our most populous city are New Zealand’s traditional winemaking region. Here in Kumeu, Huapai and Waimauku…

5 years ago


The area around Waitangi, was also the birthplace of viticulture. The British Government representative James Busby planted a vineyard near…

5 years ago


The wine trail begins south of Warkworth, where a vineyard is located near the highway. The trail then takes in…

5 years ago