Finding helpful information and expert advice is very important when entering a new business environment. In these early stages, the following organizations may prove particularly helpful.

Business Development Programme (BIZ)
The government business development programme, BIZ, provides services to help improve the management skills and ability of small and medium-sized businesses. The range of services includes assessment, skills, training, coaching and networking. These services are provided by a wide range of affiliated organizations, including regional enterprise development agencies, consulting companies, Maori trusts, industry associations and the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand (TOPENZ).

There are 34 BIZ Centres nationwide – all are listed in the Blue Pages of the local NZ Telephone Book.

Industry New Zealand
Industry New Zealand is a government agency charged with helping to build a strong and vibrant economy. In addition to the BIZinfo and Business Development Programmes, it also provides access to practical advice, training and funding tailored to help businesses and regions develop and grow.

Technology New Zealand
Technology New Zealand provides a comprehensive range of programmes that promote the business community’s development and adoption of advanced technologies. A wide range of government-funded research grants is available. These grants focus on specific technical developments rather than general business development.

Trade New Zealand
Trade New Zealand is a development agency providing expert assistance to exporters through a global network of offices and representatives. Its export consultants provide customized and up-to-date business information and guidance on export procedures export markets and market opportunities. Most consulting staff have direct experience of overseas markets and export business.

Bus Pass New Zealand

Economic Development Associate of New Zealand (EDANZ)
The Association represents 52 Economic Development Agencies and Economic Development Units run by regional, district and city councils. It provides a range of services for business migrants.

New Zealand Chambers of Commerce & Industry (NZCCI)
The Chambers of Commerce are voluntary, membership-based organizations. Membership is open to all types of businesses, and this is a particularly effective way to establish new business contacts and find out about local business conditions. Chamber services include:

  • Advocacy
  • Business education
  • International trade services
  • Issuing Carnets and Certificates of Origin
  • Business advice/mentoring
  • Social functions for meeting/networking with new members and developing business

The Chamber network includes 32 Chambers representing about 20,000 businesses. About 75% of the members in New Zealand in New Zealand are small and medium sized businesses and more than one-third is involved in international trade.

Small Business Enterprise Centres
There are 52 Small Business Enterprise Centres throughout New Zealand. They specialize in helping small businesses and offer:

  • Economic development programmes
  • Business development information
  • Business services
  • Business support
  • Employment generation programmes

Some Centres provide specialist services for new migrants who want to start a business.

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